External doors

PVC doors

Proprietary Framex doors with fillings of the best brands, e.g. Frohmaco, Dorpol, Veyna. Timeless patterns of the highest quality PVC.

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Aluminium doors

Proprietary Framex doors with fillings of the best brands on the market. Doors with unparalleled character made of robust and energy-saving aluminium.

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Framex external doors

They emphasize the style of a building and provide protection for your home.

Choose from many variants of entrance doors made of robust aluminium or the highest quality PVC with panel fillings of Frohmasco, Dorpol and Veyna brands.

External doors are showcase of your home, however their role is much more important. The best doors provide the families with safety, limit the energy losses and protect against noise.

Here at Framex, we produce the most durable constructions of aluminium and PVC doors. We care for perfect match between the doors and windows.

The PVC and ALU profiles according to the highest standards are the elements responsible for great thermal parameters and comfort of use.

When offering wide selection of door fillings, we provide panels of laminated plates or aluminium and polyurethane foam of the leading brands, e.g. Fromasco, Dorpol and Veyna.

We offer wide spectrum of door filling patterns. Starting with traditional to modern, decorated with frames, inlays, bevels, glass and all this in any colour.

Our offer also includes wide selection of entrance doors with many colour options related to veneers and optimum accessories packages.

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