Types of available windows

Perllo Windows

Windows with the profile width of 82 mm and an additional third gasket that ensure the highest energy-efficiency parameters.

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blueMaxxIKD windows

Windows with IKD thermally insulated core technology. Thanks to innovative solution, they keep maximum heat inside your home, thus generate savings.

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blueIdeal windows

Developed in every detail of geometry, six-chamber Gealan profile system of the highest quality PVC.

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Framex windows

Innovative technology of PVC windows for your home

The BLUE series windows, perfect for an apartment and home, of the highest thermal parameters and stylish profiles.

The PVC windows manufactured at Framex are based on modern Gealan profile systems with  Winkhaus ferrules and insulated glass of heat transfer coefficient Uf from 1.1 up to even 0.5.

Framex windows are recognized by customers because of the highest quality of production as well as the best thermal and acoustic parameters. We have created a series of windows that satisfy the greatest expectations:

bluIedeal – perfect solution for your home!
blueMaxx – maximum light in your home!
blueMaxx IKD – even more warmth at your home!

Heat saving

Framex windows significantly reduce building heating costs, because of the highest thermal transfer coefficient.

Noise reduction

Acoustics controlled by glass type.

Arcylcolor - colour profiles

Window external coating resistant to scratching, available in many shades.

Aesthetic and warm frame

Matched to window colour

Perfect statics

Allows for designing high windows

Six-chamber profiles

Ensure the best thermal parameters of the windows

Central seal in BlueMaxxIKD window

Additionally enhance thermal insulation

Wide range of veneer colours

60 shades in total among the Standard, Premium, RealWood colours palette.

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