The system of fire-proof doors and walls is designed for internal and external fire-resistant partitions of fire-resistance class EI15 to EI60, with single-leaf doors (maximum dimension of a leaf: 2400/1400) and double-leaf door (2400/2400). Ponzio PE78EI features very low heat transfer coefficient – due to implementation of special, profiled thermal spacers of width 35 mm and seals. The system is fitted with two types of fire-protecting fillings: gypsum panels and innovative aluminosilicate fillings. In the EI60 class, it is possible to fill the profiles with aluminosilicate only within the central cavity, which fact significantly facilitates products prefabrication. The system of embedding the glass developed by Ponzio facilitates installation by limiting the milling of glazing beads. The range of glazing thickness in the system is between 8 and 42 mm.

compatibility with other systems from Ponzio family
flushed door leaves
many variants of door leaves implementation
option to make smoke-proof constructions
option to make arch constructions
gypsum inserts and innovative aluminosilicate inserts
profiles bending
application of 8 - 42 mm thick fillings

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