Aluminium doors

Modern, safe, light yet uniquely robust and stopping the maximum amount of heat possible.

Choose from many variants of aluminium doors made at Framex factory with fillings of renowned brands, such as Frohmasco, Dorpol, Veyna.

Aluminium doors may be covered with veneer resembling different materials, e.g. wood or any RAL colour, in order to perfectly match them to a building facade and windows.

All door models can be made in one of three filling technologies:

Insert filling - leaf is visible inside and outside
Single-sided overlay fillings - leaf is visible only inside
Double-sided overlay fillings - leaf is not visible

Door panels

Over 150 patterns of door fillings

Rich selection of panels from renowned brands, such as Frohmasco, Dorpol, Veyna. Starting with traditional to modern, decorated with frames, inlays, bevels, glass and all this in any colour. We offer door panels of laminated panels or aluminium and polyurethane foam.

any colour available upon individual request
different glass patterns
wide selection of mounts

Insert fillings
The leaf is visible both inside and outside.
Overlay fillings
The leaf is not not visible from one or both sides.


Choose from many available models

Learn about the filling patters in our offer.

Frohmasco catalogue Veyna catalogue DorPol catalogue

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