The system of aluminium profiles without thermal insulation. Designed mostly for internal installation: vestibules, cashier booths, showcases and partition walls. Also used to make slide (manually or automatically controlled), swing and smoke-proof doors.
The PT50 system allows for applying glazed fillings, aluminium panels, “sandwich” type fillings, furniture panels, dry-wall and polycarbonate panels of thickness 1 – 40 mm.
Construction depth of the sections – for casings and leaves – is 52 – 60 mm.
The PT50 system means both the system of ajar doors as well as co-planar doors with flushed hinges. The benefit of axially mounted hinges is the easiness of installation and adjustment in three planes.

compatibility with other systems from Ponzio family
option to flush mount the windows and doors
profiles bending
many variants of door leaves implementation

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