Winter gardens

Spring throughout the year at your home

Steel profiles of stylish shapes allow for creating exquisite asylum for your plants and a relaxation spot for you.

We offer universal winter garden systems of Ponzio WG, which make it possible to combine different solutions and provide easy installation of the most complex constructions. We create traditional and modern constrictions the form of which may be arbitrarily designed because of wide range of structural elements and great selection of RAL colour profiles, in bi-colours and wood imitation.

Winter garden is a perfect place for relaxation surrounded by plants, without leaving your home. Thanks to complete thermal insulation, modern system of water draining and perfect tightness, the system guarantees great comfort throughout a year.

10 years of guarantee for anti-corrosion protection
Stylish roofing profiles
Modern or traditional

Door types

Modern PSK and HST terrace and garden doors increase the comfort of using the winter garden.

Innovative sliding constructions which ensure maximum glazing with the highest comfort of use. The PSK and HST doors allow for combining home and garden. Exceptionally light and easy to slide, even with leaves up to 3 m.

Low sill without thermal bridge
Lifting and sliding HST system
Tilting and sliding PSK system
PSK doors
Exceptional smoothness of operation and robust bolts ensure safety.
HST doors
Special ferrule mechanisms and reinforcing element allow for sliding large leaves with minimum effort.

Implemented projects

Please learn more about winter gardens made by our team of professionals from Framex.


See the newest implementations of FRAMEX winter gardens.

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Ariel Bielecki
Ariel Bielecki
25 Kwiecień 2023
Perfekcyjna obsługa na każdym etapie zamówienia, miła i pomocna obsługa ??? pozdrawiam
Чернов Валерій
Чернов Валерій
25 Listopad 2022
Z. Kowalski
Z. Kowalski
1 Październik 2022
Bardzo przyjazne miejsce, profesjonalna obsługa, dobre okna i pomocni fachowcy. Polecam
Piotr Pawelski
Piotr Pawelski
26 Kwiecień 2022
Z firmy korzystam od 1997r., Obsługa, montaż, terminowość 100 % profesjonalizmu. Polecam z czystym sumieniem. Panie Danielu premia dla monterów ( kultura , szybkość i czystość pracy na szóstkę z plusem).
Ewelina Zawadzka
Ewelina Zawadzka
13 Kwiecień 2022
Solidnie, bezproblemowo, szybko i zawsze punktualnie. Polecam okna tej firmy
Stanley Ypkys
Stanley Ypkys
13 Luty 2022
Wspaniali ludzie wspaniałe okna.
Bartosz Fabiszewski
Bartosz Fabiszewski
28 Grudzień 2021
Profesjonalna obsługa od początku do samego końca .