Types of available windows

Aluminium windows – external systems

Construction of aluminium profiles with thermal insulation and protection against burglary. Designed for external installation.

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Aluminium windows – internal systems

Construction of aluminium profiles without thermal insulation. Designed for internal installation within buildings.

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Aluminium windows – fire resistant systems

Aluminium frames based on Ponzio profiles. The best protection against spreading fire and smoke.

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Aluminium windows

Modern window frames using PONZIO profiles

Robust and designer aluminium profiles are perfect solution, among other things, for homes, offices, hotels and industrial objects.

Aluminium frames can be distinguished by great robustness and perfect thermal insulation. This is a solutions that allows for creating the most complex and creative window constructions. Due to subtle profiles, it is elegant yet safe. Aluminium windows are perfect for both modern houses as well as any utility and commercial buildings, workshops and production facilities as well as sport and recreation venues.

Wide selection of colours and options to perfectly match the construction to your needs, allows for implementing various projects, among other things, vestibules, partition walls, balcony and entrance or winter gardens doors. Advanced aluminium construction may be completely fire resistant and safe. We offer internal and external as well as fire-proof doors based on high quality profiles of PONZIO.

Fire-proofness certificate

Protection against fire is guaranteed with certificated of EI15 to EI60 class.

Many structural options

Implementation of the most requiring architectonic projects

Strength and comfort

The highest quality aluminium profiles of PONZIO are robust and comfortable in use and will serve you for many years.

Execution and installation

professional installation of even the most complex constructions

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