External roller blinds

Protection of your home against low and high temperature, noise and burglary.

We offer high quality external roller blinds of renowned brand PORTOS. When building or renovating your home, already at the stage of windows selection, it is worth to plan the system of external roller blinds that best suits you. Wide selection of types and colours of boxes and profiles allows for perfect matching external roller blinds to the building style and owner’s taste.

Among many solutions offered by Framex, there are top-mounted blinds, lintel blinds and external blinds installed on the facade. Equipped with high quality wireless or wired overload drives or mosquito nets, the blinds guarantee the highest comfort there is.

Perfect thermal insulation
Protection against excessive insolation and heating
Protection against burglary and vandalism

Fabric roller blinds and pleats

Provide as much daylight in each room as needed.

We offer many variants of internal roller blinds, which are perfect complementation of curtains and drapes when fighting against excessive insolation of the interior. They can also successfully substitute traditional window curtains. Universal mounts allow for installing the blinds to the walls, ceiling, within a cavity or directly to the window frame.

Variety of external blinds finishing methods and vast spectrum of patterns and transparency of fabric makes it possible to match them to any room style and window type. Moreover, the pleats allow for covering any part of a window, by shifting the fabric from bottom or top.

Day and night blinds
Pleats for any types and shapes of windows
Simple installation and disassembly (e.g. to clean the windows)

Mosquito nets

Effective and aesthetic protection against unwanted insects and pollens.

We offer window and door mosquito nets of the highest quality, made of glass fibre and aluminium frame. Invasion-free installation to a window using special bolts. Framex mosquito nets mean uniquely aesthetic and durable solutions, effectively protecting against insects and even pollens.

Recommended especially for bedrooms and gastronomic facilities. Simple construction allows easy installation and disassembly. Installation of the mosquito net within a window or door frame neither limits nor hinders their functionality.

Two standard colours of the net available: black, graphite
Frame available in the following colours: white, brown
Easy installation and disassembly
Upon special request, aluminium net.

Window sills

Functional and stylish finishing of a window both inside and outside your home.

We offer durable and elegant windows sills which due to aesthetics and functionality complement each window. External sills are made of steel that ensures resistance to humidity, staining, fire, chemicals and cleaning agents.

The sills installed outside also help draining water, protecting the building facade. Many patterns and models of the highest quality internal sills guarantee their optimum matching to any room.

External steel sills
External aluminium sills
Internal cavity sills of PVC
Internal sills of conglomerate
Internal sills of MDF
Internal sills of postforming

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Ariel Bielecki
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Piotr Pawelski
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