The system of sections of the three-chamber profile construction with ferrule groove in EURO standard and ferrule groove used in balcony windows and doors of PVC or wooden profiles.
It is designed for window constructions with very high requirements concerning thermal insulation.
Structural depth of the sections for the casings is 78 mm and for leaves 86 mm.
Application of multi-chamber thermal spacers 42 mm and two-component central seal allows for obtaining high thermal insulation power. In the PE78N version, the thermal transfer coefficient starts from 1.7 W/m2K. In warmer version, PE78N+, with under-glass pane chamber closure, Uf starts from 1.3 W/m2K.
The system allows for applying wide range of ferrules and facilitates their installation. The three-chamber construction of Ponzio PE78N system ensures significant sections rigidity, thus allows for large-size installations implementation.

compatibility with other systems from Ponzio family
option to flush the window leaves (one plane on the external side)
option to use modern two-component seals of EPDM
option of profiles bending


The variant of lifted and sliding system SL 1600tt is designed to make constructions of especially high requirements concerning thermal insulation. In the PLUS version, heat transfer coefficient Uf starts from 2.1 W/m2K, and in the most common version, HI, heat transfer coefficient Uf starts from 1.8 W/m2K. Structural depth of the sections is 67 mm in case of leaves and 160 mm in case of double-track casings and 247 mm – in case of three-track casings. Construction of the profile allows for producing stable large-sized constructions, even up to 6-leaf, of very significant leaf weight. The system makes it possible to use the fillings up to 50 mm thick. The applied aluminium sections  EN AW-6060 acc. to PN-EN 573-3 status T66 acc. to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 acc. to DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1

application option of a few thermal insulation variants
high resistance of the system to weather conditions
EPDM synthetic rubber seals
fillings of single or insulated glass with any type of glass
approvals and quality certificates PN-EN 14351-1


The system is designed for external installation, requiring thermal insulation.
Three-chamber construction facilitates system operation and encourage investors for its application. Additional chamber increases rigidity, thus the PT60 system can be used to implement large-sized projects.
The system allows for implementing both windows as well as one and two-leaf doors opened outside with various sill arrangements. It is also possible to make the doors with central ferrule groove (so called flushed).
The system provides for simple installation of accessories, which fact significantly accelerates constructions production.

compatibility with other systems from Ponzio family
flushed co-planar door leaves
many variants of door leaves implementation
option to use the fillings of thickness: 8-48 mm
application of modern two-component seals of EPDM


The three-chamber, thermally insulated system designed for door constructions. The system is made of co-planar sections (flush clearance is 18 mm) and has the option to use glazing beads in the EURO standard groove.
The PE78N system uses profiled thermal spacers of width 34 mm.
Specially designed, compatible profiles allow for easy combination of door with display window. Construction depth of the sections – for casings and leaves – is 78 mm.
The system can use wide range of ferrules and door locks. The PE78N system allows for implementing corner connections, both crimped and screwed. It is fitted with various sill solutions (also PVC sill), which not only effectively seal the sill, draining water outside but can be characterized with better thermal insulation power.

compatible with other systems from Ponzio family
application of modern two-component seals of EPDM
many variants of door leaves implementation
option to use 23 - 42 mm thick fillings
option to make corner crimped or screwed connections
window leaves flushed outside

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