blueMaxx IKD window 82,5mm

Even more warmth at your home!

Windows providing the effect of extremely narrow frames that let up to even 10% more light into a room.

Windows with IKD thermally insulated core technology. Thanks to the innovative solution, they keep maximum heat inside your home, thus generate savings.
Highly insulating foam in one of the profile chambers, that significantly increases window thermal parameters.
The BlueMaxxIKD windows are the best solution for energy-saving and passive homes because of the thermal insulation power Uf=0.72 W/m2K.

Two-chamber packages of panes enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation
Six-chamber profiles made of the highest quality PVC
Acrylcolor coating resistant to scratching

Glass types

Wide glazing options

In the BlueIdeal windows, it is possible to use any type of glass of width up to 44 mm.

Choose from available thicknesses and types of glass in order to meet your noise attenuation standards. Provide satisfactory thermal insulation by selecting the two- or three-pane package.

Noise reduction
Enhanced thermal insulation
Two-pane package
Standard solution for apartments, with optimum thermal parameters and low price.
Three-pane package
Recommended solution for energy-saving and passive houses. The best results of window thermal insulation.

Windows full of colours

Over 60 shades of BlueMaxxIKD window

Wide selection of BlueMaxxIKD profile colours, including Standard, Premium and RealWood veneers. Match the window colour to the building and interior, in order to keep perfect and integral design.

Discover your perfect colour on the palette of Standard colours. Wide range of classic shades matching traditional interior.

You can find basic RAL colours and colours of popular trees among the STANDARD shades.

Mountain pine
Green DEKO RAL 6009
Winchester XA
Chocolate brown
Golden oak
Rustic oak
Light Oak
Creamy DEKO RAL 7016
Antracyt DEKO RAL 7016 structured
Antracyt Deko RAL 7016 smooth
Grey DEKO RAL 7001
Swamp oak

Discover your perfect colour on the palette of PREMIUM colours. Wide range of classic shades matching traditional interior.

Discover your perfect colour on the palette of PREMIUM colours. Wide range of classic shades matching traditional interior.

Green DEKO RAL 6005
Blue DEKO RAL 5007
Red DEKO RAL 3011
Red DEKO RAL 3005
Brown platinum
Brilliant white
Summer Daglezja
Siena PN Noce
Whitewashed oak
Black DEKO RAL 7021
Gray basalt DEKO RAL 7012
Brushed silver
Brushed brass
Dark oak
Wjite DEKO RAL 9010
Grey DEKO RAL 7039
Grey DEKO RAL 7038
Grey DEKO RAL 7035
Dark brown smooth
Black-Blue DEKO RAL 5004
Black smooth
Amaranth oak
Ginger oak
Honey oak
Scandinavian oak
Anthracite gray DEKO RAL 7016
Gray belton DEKO RAL 7023
Silk gray DEKO RAL 7044
Signal gray DEKO RAL 7004 smooth
Green (monumentengrun)
Quartz gray DEKO RAL 7039 smooth

Additional protective coat Acrylcolor.

As a result, a profile is created, which on the outside has an elegant, smooth, satin surface.

RAL 9010
RAL 9006
RAL 9001
RAL 8022
RAL 8014
RAL 7040
RAL 7039
RAL 7038
RAL 7016
RAL 7015
RAL 6009
RAL 6005
RAL 5011
RAL 5002
RAL 3011
RAL 3005

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